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2020 Kansas City Area - Engineering Design Competition

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A regional competition for Kansas City area students enrolled in the PLTW "Engineering Design and Development" capstone course.


What is the Kansas City Engineering Design Competition?

The 2020 Kansas City Engineering Design Competition is sponsored by the KC STEM Alliance for Kansas City area students currently enrolled in Project Lead The Way’s “Engineering Design and Development” Course or (EDD). The competition is designed to recognize and reward outstanding student projects and highlight the importance of engineering design and problem solving in STEM education.

This competition gives students the opportunity to build a robust portfolio around their capstone design project and earn recognition for that work.  Once a portfolio is built and submitted on the Innovation Portal, the portfolios will be reviewed by a jury of practicing professionals (judges) and top teams will be recognized at the PLTW High School Senior Showcase on April 21, 2020.

General Restrictions

Who can participate?

The competition is open to individuals or teams participating in the PLTW Engineering Design and Development (EDD) course in the 2019-20 school year. This includes schools within the nine-county Kansas City Region, including:

Missouri: Jackson, Clay, Platte, Ray, Cass

Kansas:  Johnson, Wyandotte, Leavenworth, Miami

There is no registration or competition entry fee.  This is a free educational competition.

Why participate?

Participating in the competition will enable students to achieve a level of recognition that will aid them in gaining scholarships and/or advanced standing as they pursue post-secondary educational opportunities.  The top three teams will be awarded scholarships and the top ten projects will be recognized.  Students participating in the PLTW Showcase event, are also eligible to compete for Innovator Awards that will be chosen by professionals from Kansas City Startup Foundation based on project innovativeness and marketability. 

The top three winners from the Engineering Design and Biomedical Research Competitions and top five Innovator Award winners will be invited to participate in the Make It REAL Workshop on May 29, 2020, and work with local entrepreneurs to evaluate the market feasibility of their project idea. 

All participating teams and/or individuals will receive recognition for submitting their EDD capstone project to this review competition.  All projects will remain the intellectual property of the individual/teams; however, the administrator requires permission to develop and distribute the story behind the top three submissions.

Winning entries will be recognized as follows:

First place:

$2,500 in scholarships per team

Funding to attend the Make It REAL Workshop

Certificate of Commendation

Plaque for School

Second place:

$1,500 in scholarships per team

Funding to attend the Make It REAL Workshop

Certificate of Commendation

Plaque for School

Third place:

$1,000 in scholarships per team

Funding to attend the Make It REAL Workshop

Certificate of Commendation

Plaque for School

Top Ten Circle:

Top Ten Recognition at Showcase

Certificate of Commendation

Innovator Awards:

Recognition at PLTW Senior Showcase

Funding to attend the Make It REAL Workshop

All Remaining Teams:

Recognition for entering the competition


September 17, 2019: Project Registration Opens on the Innovation Portal

All interested teams must register their interest in the competition as early as possible.  Registration does not require the student or team to enter but does offer the competition administrator a way to monitor how many judges will be needed and opens a channel of communication regarding the competition with interested students or teams.

March 16-April 2, 2020: Portfolio submission window on the Innovation Portal

April 21, 2020: Winners announced at PLTW Senior Showcase as Union Station, Kansas City

How to participate in the KC Engineering Design Competition

Sign Up for Account:  All team members should sign up for Innovation Portal accounts at Please use an email account that you check regularly. Email addresses that can be accessed after graduation are preferred, i.e., Gmail, yahoo, etc.

Register for Competition:  All team members should register for the competition by clicking the “REGISTER” button on the competition home page once they are logged into their new account. (Registration opens September 17, 2019)

Build your Portfolio:  The competition uses the Engineering Design & Development Rubric. Make sure to reference the rubric as you build your project entries. 

Submit Portfolio:  The submission button will appear on the competition home page and activate March 16 – April 2, 2020. Once your portfolio is ready, click on the submission button to enter your portfolio into the competition. (Note: Prior to submission, please change the status of all team members to “owner” so that any member is able to submit on behalf of the team.)

Watch On-line Tutorials:

Video ONE -  GETTING STARTED using the Innovation Portal –

Learn how to create your own account, create a portfolio, connect a portfolio to partners, teachers and mentors.


Learn how to add text, upload and insert graphics, documents, and other files, insert a video onto a page and use the rubric and scored examples to aim at the highest scores. (You will be effectively building web pages similar to working in Publisher, so viewing the video is highly recommended.)

Use of the Innovation Portal is completely free.

Judging and Questions

Judging will be based on the embedded Engineering Design & Development Rubric. Make sure to reference the rubric as you build your project entries and pay special attention to spelling and grammar. Students are encouraged to write in third person scientific language.  If you have questions regarding this competition, email:  Ann Zimmerman, [email protected].

Opportunity Terms & Conditions

Please Note: All projects submitted to this competition will remain the intellectual property of the individual or team; however by entering the competition the individual/team understands and gives the organizers of this competition permission to develop and distribute the story about the projects, the students and their schools in order to promote the impact of competition and highlight the value of the project work. Effort will be taken to describe the project in general and without offering any details related to intellectual property concerns.

PLTW Terms & Conditions

I understand that by submitting this work to an opportunity or competition hosted on the Innovation Portal that the submitted copy of work will be in the control of the hosting organization and is subject to the terms and conditions that organization has posted for entry requirements and conditions.