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(3)  Know a school using the portal?

       Consider volunteering as a Project Advisor or Subject Matter Expert

(2) Consider volunteering to be a judge for one of the many competitions

Consider one of these Models of Engagement already taking place using the Innovation Portal

Interested in connecting with K-16 students and teachers around design and problem solving projects?

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(1) Host or sponsor an engineering design competition on the Innovation Portal

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Download the Competition flyers below detailing winning projects from some of the competitions hosted on the Innovation Portal

    Many organizations that wish to highlight and recognize the value of students participating in design and problem solving projects are interested in creating such opportunities in the form of competitions, internship offerings, or scholarships based on the submission of project works from students. Building a system to accept, manage and target students participating in this work is one of the mission goals and functional aspects of the Innovation Portal and has already made is possible for dozens of post-secondary institutions and business organizations connect with and recognize these students and the middle school, high school and college levels.  Learn more about this aspect of the Innovation Portal with these resources.

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Read about both current and past opportunities offered through the Innovation Portal on the OPPORTUNITIES PAGE

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     Both K-12 and Post-secondary institutions often have business partners and community members who are interested in connecting with the work students are doing as a mentor and adviser or as a subject matter expert.  Even when the teachers and mentors are working together, there are two common obstacles to implementing this model that the Innovation Portal has been able to help address.  The first obstacle involves geography and class time.  In order for mentors to come to the school they must arrange time away from work and then spend time getting to and from the school location and then get be available when a given class meets. On the other side of that coin it is often equally difficult for teachers to schedule times for mentors to come to the school and to accurately gauge the progress of a given project so that the mentors can be most effective in the progress of the project.

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Learn about this model:   Click to download


* An average of five to ten hours of total volunteer time over a designated multi-week window 

* The process is analogous to grading a science fair project but is done entirely online 

* Scoring is done entirely online and at the leisure of the judge. A Judge can start and stop as needed and submit when ready prior to the deadlines for the judging window of a given competition 

*A record of the portfolios assigned to you as a judge is kept in your personal Innovation Portal account and can be accessed at any time for review and documentation of volunteer hours or participation