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The Innovation Portal Portfolio Cover Page

The cover page is something you make for reviewers of the portfolio.  Always keep your audience in mind when creating any part of the portfolio.  A cover page should include the following information;

1. Title of Project with month and year of project completion

  • Your project title should be descriptive relative to the nature of the project and as unique as possible i.e. “Our Senior Project” is an example of a title choice that is of little help either describing your work or drawing attention to a reviewer.
  • The title should match the title entered in the Innovation Portal ( in EDIT MODE of the cover page you can change the title of the project at any time) this title appears in small print in the upper left of each page as a reviewer looks at it on-line)

2. A two or three sentence summary of the nature of the project

3. Complete name of your school or organization, and the City & State in which it is located ( include multiple listings if applicable)

4. A well-chosen graphic or two  from the project  that depicts the problem or your solution (or both) and/or a team picture

5. First and last name of each member of the team and email contact information for each member of the team

6. First and last name of your instructor (if applicable) and their email address

7. A list of mentor and subject matter expert names , titles ,  the organizations they represent,  and a  brief sentence fragment describing how they helped with the project