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K-16 Partnership Team and Industry Representative Engagement Model

     A best practice model that has come out of the use of the Innovation Portal in many of these classes is a more inclusive advisor role for community members interested in the PLTW curriculum and capstone course.  Teachers recruit and qualify these community experts and invite them to connect with their capstone course teams using the Innovation Portal.  These individuals then use the “review” functionality and language of the embedded rubric to provide feedback and guidance on how best to build and document their project in the portal.  Advisors can work with one or more groups and the review and feedback process through the portal can take place at regular intervals as outlined by the teacher over the course of the project. 

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     The teacher and advisors work together to help their students obtain the best possible documentation scores relative to the design process rubric.  In one notable example the teacher connects all of their teams with multiple community advisors and no project is “approved” at the beginning of the year until the project has received a proficient score on each of the first three elements of the rubric which deal with identifying , justifying  thoroughly defining a problem to solve.

Click this link to download an overview of this model in PDF format

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     Instructors and mentors use the REVIEW functionality both as a means of regular feedback and also as a means of periodic assessment.   In this model teachers complete a REVIEW every two weeks for each of their teams throughout the entire course of the course.  Because the system generates a dated copy of the review for both the student teams and the teacher/mentor,  the reviews used in this manner become a recorded history of the project of each team.  Teachers can look back at the status of a portfolio at a given  “grading date” and at the comments and advice given at the time and then look at following reviews to see what progress was mad and how well the students acted on the advice, comments and instructions given.

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