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What is the Innovation Portal?

Three student projects are highlighted in this introductory video about the Innovation Portal, with commentary from teachers, students,  business representatives and university faculty 

*Free , open , and secure for use by students, teachers and mentors  - everywhere

*Used in thousands of K-16 classrooms around the country to connect design and problem solving    works to opportunities and the national STEM conversation


How to Use the Innovation Portal


 Video Tutorial on - Creating your own account, creating a portfolio, connecting a portfolio to partners, teachers and mentors     


Video Tutorial on how to add text, upload and insert graphics, documents and other files, insert a video onto a page  and how to use the rubric and scored examples    

EDPPSR Rubric Descriptors and Reflective Questions embedded in the Portal

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This document contains the highest score descriptors for each of the rubric elements coupled with the corresponding reflective questions that are displayed in each section of the online portfolio.  Many users have expressed an interest in having a printed version of these materials for review and for a physical portfolio.

Click this link to download this PDF file

How to register for and then later ENTER a Competition

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     The structure  the embedded rubric and portfolio template creates allows many organizations to offer competitions and opportunities for recognition through the portal.  The file below offers information on how to register your interest in one or more competitions and then later how to enter your portfolio when it is ready.

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    When you are connected to a portfolio as a VIEWER or COLLABORATOR you can create a review of a portfolio at any time by clicking the CREATE REVIEW ICON.  Clicking this button makes a complete COPY of the portfolio as it exists at the moment you click the button and attaches the grading and review system/score sheet to that copy for you to work on.  Click the link below to download a step-by-step guide on how to use the REVIEW functionality.

How to Create a REVIEW to offer feedback comments and scores

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Click to download this PDF File:

Using TAGS to Organize  large numbers of Portfolios

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If you are an instructor working with many class sections of project portfolios or a mentor or student connected to dozens of portfolios, here is a way to "TAG" and manage your portfolios

Click to download this PDF File

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     Commentary from representatives of the many groups involved in the framing and implementation of the Innovation Portal and the embedded Engineering Design Process Portfolio Scoring Rubric (EDPPSR)

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